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A mixed weekend

30 May 2016 21:50

This past seven days have been a little mixed:

  • I updated documentation on my simple object store.
  • I created a simplified alerting system.
    • Heavily inspired by something we use at work.
    • My version is much much simpler, but still useful enough to alert me of outages (via hearbeats) and unread email. (Both of which are sent via pushover notifications.)
  • I bought a pair of cheap USB "game controllers"
    • And have spend several hours playing SNES games such as Bomberman 2, and Super Mario Brothers 3.
    • I'm using mednafan, as it supports cheats, fullscreen, sound, and is pretty easy to drive.

Finally I spent the tail end of the weekend being a little red, sore, and itchy. . I figured this was a surprising outbreak of Dyshidrosis on my hands, and eczema on my body. Instead I received a diagnosis of Scarlet Fever. So now I feel somewhat Dickensian!

Apparently this infection is on the rise!



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icon Anonymous at 08:37 on 30 May 2016

For NES and SNES games, you might try Higan. It seems to work quite well, and for SNES in particular it has by far the best accuracy.

Also, if you want the authentic controller experience, try a USB adapter for the original console controllers. RetroUSB makes them, as do others.

icon Steven Kemp at 08:43 on 30 May 2016

Thanks for the recommendation. Initially I was running higan, but I switched away from it because it wanted to import my ROMS.

Whilst having ROMS located beneath ~/Emulation isn't a horrible idea I already have my own filing system which I don't want to give up.