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Advogato - reborn?

4 June 2005 21:50


I used to have an account upon Advogato, where I would post journal/diary entries of a technical nature.

These were always distinct from my real life entries at livejournal.com. (Although it is certainly the case that the livejournal entries do include the geeky - especially the entries in places like shellcode, etc.)

My Advogato account became lost, so I created another account skx. This too became "lost", one time I could put it down to coincidence. Twice? Unlikely ..

For amusement value:

So why bring this up again?

Well I was recently directed towards a new Advogato site.

Planet (Former) Advogato. There isn't anything on the site explaining how to get added, or what it's going to do. Whether there are articles, etc, in the pipeline.

But it's an interesting idea. I still follow Advogato's recentlog semi-regularly, although without the ability to comment on entries it's usually a read-only access. Infrequently I'll mail people to comment, but the effort involved is usually high enough to make sure I don't make irrelevent or superfluous comments.

So .. if you're reading this and can add me to the new site - if you think my past entries are worthwhile - feel free.

If you've moved away from Advogato because it's seemingly unmaintained (eg. the Advogato attribute hack is still unfixed after two year) then you might want to look at the new site

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