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All you do is slow me down

4 August 2006 21:50

Why does all mailing list software suck?

It seems like it would be trivial to write a simple one - almost certainly using SQLite to store list details - the actual actions are trivial:

  • Maintain a list of subscribers.
  • Handle subscribe / unsubscribe requests
    • Without being all sucky and evil with "password requests" like GNU Mailman
  • Send out each message to the subscribers.

Sure there are probably complications relating to removing/deactivating bouncing addresses, and the ability to reject/hold messages from non-subscribers. But even so it should be a weekends work. Right?

So how come nobody gets it right?

In other news I'm preparing an NMU of Apache2 to SID. I figure that my mail asking for "permission" going unanswered means that there are no objections … Works for me ;)

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