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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Recently I received a small flurry of patches to my blog compiler, from Chris Frey. These patches significantly speedup rebuilding a static blog when using Danga's memcached.

The speedup is sufficiently fast that my prior SQLite based approach is no longer required - and (re)building my blog now takes on the order of 5 seconds.

On the topic of other people's blogs I've been enjoying David Watson's recent photo challenge. I was almost tempted to join in, but I'm not sure I could manage one every day - Although I can pretend I recently carried out my my first real photoshoot.

I'm still taking pictures of "things/places" but I'm starting to enjoy "people" more. With a bit of luck I'll get some more people to pose in the near future, even if I have to rely upon posting to gumtree for local bodies!

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[gravitar] Aigars Mahinovs

Submitted at 17:34:18 on 17 march 2010

You could try Tokyo Cabinet or Tokyo Tyrant as a replacement for memcached. Got a tenfold speed increase in some test cases.

[author] Steve Kemp

Submitted at 17:48:16 on 17 march 2010

In this case storing blog entries in memory to avoid having to read 600 text files is a cute optimistation

It is possible there are faster solutions, but in practise this is fast enough.


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