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Back to reality ...

16 February 2006 21:50

Steinar H. Gunderson

It doesn't matter which shell I use for completion. (And this goes to the other people who mailed me to tell me that Zsh rulez!)

The problem is that packages of Zsh and Bash both offer several completion routines which are not sufficient for me. (e.g. one missing one is completion for the various bittorrent scripts.)

So I need to install my own routines for those. I also wrote custom completion routines for in-house tools, and my own personal scripts in ~/bin/. Since these are not available by default in either the bash package or the zsh package I must install them manaully upon each host I wish to use, in order to have an identical setup.

And that manual installation is what my new package makes easy. (Or will when it is complete!)

Security Team Meeting

Security issue meeting on IRC went well, although I left rather abruptly since my bed was calling my name.

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