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Because I don't think you're worthy of human blood

28 October 2008 21:50

I could argue and make reasonable points - but instead I'm going to be childish/annoying/ignorant/confrontational/blunt:

SELinux sucks.

If I wanted a rational debate I'd approach the topic differently - this is a clue that you shouldn't attempt to convert me.

I got distracted during the "Should selinux be standard? thread, so I will optimistically assume it will not be. Why? Because SELinux is annoying to configure if you understand it, and pointless if you don't.

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Comments on this entry

icon Np237 at 22:23 on 28 October 2008
Definitely agreed. It sucks, nothing more to be said.
icon Miguel at 00:05 on 29 October 2008
Ow God, so true. Pointless.
icon Anonymous at 06:23 on 29 October 2008
I'll go with this: it makes sense as a tool for specialized systems manually set up by their admins, but it doesn't make sense as a general-purpose security tool deployed by distributions.
icon anon at 09:10 on 4 November 2008
selinux came too early. If it was the solution to apparmor's shortcomings, it would have been seen differently. It's too much complicatedness at once.