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Book Us A Ticket On The Next Space Shuttle

9 March 2008 21:50

Tomorrow I turn 32, so I've got to be all mature and responsible and stuff now. Maybe.

This means no more song lyrics will be used for blog titles. Instead I shall switch to film quotes. Films are more mature than songs, right?

There are three candidates standing for the DPL this year. I'm glad I didn't stand, but I came pretty close to doing so. I just think I'd be unlikely to receive the votes, and busy enough to fail even if I did get picked.

It seems to me that every year people promise to do too many things; fixing NEW, fixing the NM process & etc..

Me? I'd have only one goal: Open up the keyring-handling. Nothing more. Nothing less.

(Sure I'd blow all the Debian money on new toys for people but that'll be our little secret ;)

Anyway since there was a bit of interest I've uploaded a new steam engine video and I've started to document some of my collection:

More updates later. Really I need to sit down, clean my toys, and then get some good pictures taken.

Maybe next month I'll find the time. (Ha!)



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icon Kevin Mark at 20:43 on 9 March 2008
Didn't joey's recent jetring help with keyring stuff or are you talking about getting added to the keyring at the end of the NM process? Or something completely different? Hey, if you became DPL could your rats become official mascots!1!
icon Steve at 21:02 on 9 March 2008

Just generally quicker keyring updates for new maintainers, and for people who lose their keys.

(i.e. The stuff that James Troup currently does should be done by more people. He's a massive bottleneck within the project, and that doesn't seem likely to change.)

icon Mick T. at 21:29 on 9 March 2008
32! Why you young pipsqueak, why when I was your age we had to write our own bits using a magnet. ;)
Sure yer as old as you want to be. don't let an arbitrary numerical representation of your age limit how young/old you fell.
Happy Birthday, good blog, I read it via "Planet Debian". Keep up the good work.