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Building & Searching

25 October 2005 21:50


Thanks to some useful feedback to people who read my request I now have a working buildd setup.

Wouter pointed to Debian's own documents on the subject which were certainly useful. However they are not sufficiently useful.

For example it's simple enough to understand from reading the supplied recipe how to setup a buildd. This will let you run something like:

sbuild -d stable -v screen_4.0.2-4.1


sbuild -d unstable -v screen_4.0.2-4.1

However this is a far cry from a useful tool. What I wanted was a system to which I could upload a package and have it magically be built …


The Planet search will now correctly honour a server's /robots.txt file if present.

So if your own blog-server contains a robots.txt file forbidding spidering, caching, or archiving then this will not take place - despite the fact that Planet Debian doesn't contain such a file.

Note that several fine blogging systems will respond to /robots.txt with error pages, such as Blosxom which gives this delightful page in response to a request:

Error: I'm afraid this is the first I've heard of a "txt" flavoured Blosxom. Try dropping the "/+txt" bit from the end of the URL.

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