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Dancing with you all the time, and don't you think that it's a crime

15 August 2006 21:50

A busy night which resulted in a new release of xen-shell, this coincided with me noticing that is being used by a Dutch ISP. (Fun sometimes googling your own name, or the name of software projects!)

I've added the project to freshmeat, under the obvious name, but no Debian package yet. I will probably make one soon though.

After that I fixed many many bugs/feature suggestions reported against xen-tools by Henning Sprang - a name I know a lot from the Xen lists.

Assuming I don't get distracted there will be a new release of that tomorrow. All the tests pass, and the code seems to work so I'm pretty sure it'll go OK. I've noticed though that my release speed is almost inversely proportional to the number of interested users.

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