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13 January 2005 21:50

Debian Updates

debian-updates is yet another program for letting you know if a Debian Stable machine needs a security update.

I've been using it pretty widely for a few months now, if not longer. This week the DSA-636 glibc update broke it.

Because the DSA was issued against 'glibc' not the package name 'libc6' my script didn't believe that I had it installed, and so didn't email me to let me know which machines to update. D'oh.

I've made a few changes to handle this case, comparing against package source names as well as package names to catch similar updates.

I still think we should have a tool like this in the main archive - ideally a graphical thing that can be used by "normal" users, something that will alert them when they have a new update available and offer to install it for them. Perhaps somebody could code a gtk/qt application..?

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