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Ed il mio bacio sciogliera il silenzio che ti fa mia!

6 September 2007 21:50

Tonight I mostly installed Centos 5 upon dedicated servers in America, for a guy based in Germany. Sometimes people do pay me for work which is nice - this job paid for a small stirling engine :)

Yesterday I mostly implemented a web interface for controlling spam via a proxy server.

Several people seemed interested, so I'll explain what I've done:

  • Coded several qpsmtpd plugins for different anti-spam mechanisms on a per-domain basis.
    • Because the stock server only supports global plugins.
  • Coded a web interface for users to manage the settings on their domain:
    • Virus scanning.
    • Greylisting.
    • DNSBL.
    • Resolvable from hosts.
    • Reverse DNS

The only part that is missing is the final plugin integration, and some glue to propogate some of the GUI settings to the mail server - since adding a new domain is currently 50% GUI and 50% manual.

Each of the plugins supports whitelisting of addresses or domains, and there is a fair amount of logging detail - some is missing which I need to resolve.

Once that is done and the code is running upon my live server I'm happy to let people use it if they have a spare/non-critical domain they can expirement with...

The next thing to do would be to hook in spam assassin, spambayes, etc, on a per-domain basis with "training" addresses..

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