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Everybody loves me, and I intend to keep it that way.

3 June 2010 21:50

Would it be wrong to make a new blog entry just to test the blogging platform? If so I'm wrong.

To pretend that isn't the case I'll briefly document some recent events:


I've been making changes to the blogging software, chronicle, to support RSS feeds on comments, and to allow outgoing Pings on new entries.

I've also been flirting with an OpenID-backed image upload and sharing site, provisionally named picshare. Why? Partly for fun, partly because I like comments, and partly to flirt with RESTful design and API construction.


I've provisionally agreed to be the photographer for a special event at a local hair-dressers. This will either be fun, or all end badly.

No money, but free food and the chance to experiment more. So all good.

There. Almost like a real entry, right?

ObSubject: Cruel Intentions

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