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Holidays + Xine + Stats

4 November 2005 21:50


I missed a holiday

I managed to fail to go away on holiday for four days by virtue of being asleep and missing the train.

That sucks.

Although on balance probably for the best, I was very tired.

xine-ui bug triage

I did a minor amount of triage upon the xine-ui package.

There's been an annoying bug in the package for about 40/50 days - where if you right-click upon the screen the GUI would crash.

This had been reported four or five times, so I merged all the bug reports together added a patch which I'd tested. Then I mailed the maintainer asking if they'd object to an NMU to fix it.

Today I got a go-ahead, so I'll be making an upload shortly.

Debian Admin webstats
Almost more hits upon the website in the first four days of this month than in last month combined.


We're averaging close to 50,000 hits a day. When I think things like that I get all paranoid and have to remember that it doesn't matter how good the writing is ..,

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