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I am the lie that you believe

21 August 2006 21:50

If I wrote a new feed for this blog which returned two-hundred entries, of gibberish, would this:

  • Be filtered by planetplanet
  • Or get be banned?

Tempting .. tempting …

As a serious reponse to planet-flooding I'd like to suggest that planetplanet be updated such that only N consecutive posts by the same individual would be shown. That way a person could still make 10 entries a day if they wished, but they would only be shown if somebody else got a word in edgeways - otherwise only the latest N would be displayed.

This could be tunable, and would ideally default to something small like 3.

/me goes to look at the code. It seems that planet/init.py: items() is the place to make the change, but dear God I hate python…

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