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I think I did pretty well under the circumstances

13 October 2008 21:50


This will be the last time I talk about this, but here's my anti-rubbish procmail filter.

It correctly copes with:

  • Foreign character sets that I can't read.
  • Bounces from joe-jobs.
  • Malformed emails.

Obviously edit to suit your tastes. Especially with regard to character sets - it is a wide brush which is tarring a group unfairly. That said in practise it works for me.

If you want real antispam filtering then you should probably be looking at externalising it, or having a layered approach.

ObQuote: Citizen Kane

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icon Shot at 23:25 on 13 October 2008
‘Check for invalid Message-Id: […] Two @s’ – technically you can have a legal Message-Id of the form "@"@domain, for example. But yes, it’s most probably bogus anyway. :)