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If I show you the roses will you follow?

6 September 2006 21:50

Debian on the desktop? Thats unpossible.

Actually it works for me just fine.

I bought a few new toys recently - a new camera (Canon Powershot A620) and a USB2 card-reader to allow me to read the images from the 1G card I bought to go with the camera. I figured that was worth doing since it came with a paltry 32Mb card.

After getting confused by the manual for a while I randomly played with it until I got the basics, I think I took a couple of hundred pictures of my feet, my desk, my hands, and etc. Afterwards I figured it was time to see what the images looked like when displayed for real, instead of via the LCD panel. So I plugged in the USB card reader to my desktop. No response from the system but I figure that is normal when there is nothing actually in it.

Once I took the SD card from the camera and pushed it into the reader I got a nice popup from my GNOME desktop "A new device has been found - do you want to import photos now?" (or similar). I said no, and a window popped up showing me /media/usbdisk. Nice.

I wasn't quite sure if I could just pull the card out, or whether I should explicitly unmount it. In the end I did the latter - better safe than sorry.

So .. a rambling entry to say that USB card devices and GNOME just worktm. I've not experimented with the USB cable the camera has - which apparently allows you to control a lot of functions via software, but I figure that I don't need that kind of thing anyway. After all 99% of the time I'm going to be taking pictures away from my house and desktop machine!

In related news I was chatting to somebody local recently and they asked what MSN software I was running. I said "GAIM", then later "I don't use Windows". That didn't even get a raised eyebrow. It seems that even a non-technical user has heard of Linux, if not necessarily Debian.

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