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Just go on home

6 August 2006 21:50

The Xen hosting is now setup, and complete. There were only two minor complications:

  • Giving Xen guests multiple IPs when using a routed setup is not documented terribly well
    • Predictably it is different than how you'd do it in NAT mode in a non-obvious fashion
    • When doing google searches for how to do it properly I kept finding references to documentation I'd written which didn't apply. Ugh!
  • Installing grub on a RAID root took a few attempts.
    • I'm sure its setup correctly now though, on both drives.

As another achievement for the day (?!) the Debian Administration website now has exactly 5000 registered users.

Finally I made the NMU of Apache2. Since mail to @debian.org seems to be broken (?!) I've not been able to file the patch. Interested people can find it here until I can file the bug.

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