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Love can be beautiful

19 March 2006 21:50

Blog Power?

Over the past few months I've written entries here which have elicited some interesting replies. I ranted about poor support from SuSE and received personal emails from company representatives who wanted to help me out.

Last week I wrote about LinuxGazette disappearing (turned out to be DNS errors on my side) and received a comment from Heather suggesting I was mistaken.

Interesting that so many people see what I write, and also slightly intimidating given that my sense of humour has repeatedly been misintepretted in the past .. online and offline.

I don't really have a good conclusion here, but I suspect I just got lucky. I tend to write fairly trivial things, and rarely take any of it very serious.

ObDebian: I'm in the middle of turning a spare bedroom into a real office. I now have three low-end machines in a line across two desks, and a decentish desktop machine too.

It looks likely that I'll have a lot more time to contribute to Debian over the coming months (although this isn't confirmed yet). Either way I'll have a much nicer "working" environment at home.

ObSocial: The postcards I sent to Debian folks seemed to all arrive, except for the one I mailed to Amaya (despite having several rounds of back and forth to get the address right). That was returned to me yesterday. Try again tomorrow I guess.

Cross-Country postal-services suck. Although I know they handle a lot of letters/parcels I seem to always get the unlucky straw.

ObDebian-Admin: The Debian admin site now allows users to submit tags. Took a while to get right, but I'm happy with the Web 2.0 ajax code. How very ..

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