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MIxed week

10 January 2006 21:50

The good:

  • Organized a hotel for my sister to stay in next week when she comes to visit me.
  • Managed to have one of my security bugs result in the first DSA of the year.
  • "Used my own initiative" to get a CVE ID for Ulf - who got the second DSA of the year.
  • Am once again capable of doing pull-ups with one arm.
  • Saw doctors, and should be back at work soon.
  • Almost solved the mystery of why the Elves had to leave Middle-Earth.
  • Started working on an open photo-publishing system, primarily for my own use, but may well end up being open to the world. (Depends on my motivation and bandwidth costs.)

The bad:

  • Forgot that smstools is in both Sarge + Woody.
  • Forgot to go shopping for washing powder; and have few clean clothes left to wear.
    • Actually I have lots of clothes, many clean, but nothing both sexy and clean.
  • Got the whole half-beard thing happening - due to lack of razors.
  • Haven't got a 2006 calandar yet. (physical/paper)

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