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Sunday, 9 October 2005

“Security Scanner”

No comments on my previous entry about this, but a ton of interesting emails. So I’ll mention it again, briefly.

I updated the code, gave it a name, and made a new release – see fortress webpages. (“Fortress” is a silly name inspired by the fact that the provisional name “Steves Simple Security Scanner” had four “S” words. “Four S” sounds like “Fortress”. Groan)

Right now I’m trying to get some portscanning code into the scripting engine, so that the scripts can do interesting things.

Again feedback welcome.

CVS Repository

Inspired by the interest in the scanner I figured it was about time I started getting organised and sharing my CVS repositories.

So I registered a domain name (suprised that it is available. This is possibly a clue that my dsylexia has struck …) – – and now have a place to put my code.

The site is running a hacked copy of CVS Trac, a nice combination of a CVS viewer + wiki + ticket (bug report) system.

I’ve submitted a patch to make browsing easier, and made some other simple changes.

Most of the effort in setting up the site was getting wildcard DNS working for both Bind + Apache. Cheers to Broonie for agreeing to run DNS secondary for me.

Now I can drop in new projects and have them work:

All being well the DNS nameservers should be live by the time this entry is visible, and the links will work

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