Slaughter now tested upon Microsoft Windows hosts.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Recently I said that my perl-based sysadmin tool, Slaughter, was at the cross-roads. I wasn't sure if I should leave it alone, or update it somehow.

As I'm generally lazy and busy (yes it is possible to be both simultaneously!) I didn't do anything.

But happily earlier in the week I received a bunch of updates from Jean Baptiste which implemented support for managing Windows clients, via Strawberry Perl.

So I guess the conclusion is: Do nothing. Change nothing. Just fix any issues which are reported to me, and leave it as-is. (I did a little more than that, refactoring to avoid duplication and improve "neatness".)

As I said at the time I've had some interesting feedback, suggestions and bugfixes from people over the past year or so - so I shouldn't be surprised to learn I'm not the only person using it.

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[gravitar] far4d

Submitted at 08:59:32 on 28 november 2011

hi steve,

no, you're definitely not only one using it. i really love the simple and straight design of slaugther, which makes it very easy to hack and modify it. puppet is definitely over engineered and makes live sometime quite harder (for example the lack of the ability to exclude classes for certain hosts...). it's perl, it's clear, it's great and it's easy extensible.

cheers raphael


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