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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Now it is time for me to go silent for a while, and not talk about jobs, unemployment, or puppies.

This past week has also been full of software releases. Some of the public ones include:

Lumail - My console mail client, with integrated lua scripting

After three months of slow work I've issued a new release today. This release features several bugfixes for dealing with malformed MIME messages, and similar fun.

The core set of lua primitives hasn't changed very much for a good six months now, which means I guess rightly what kind of things would be useful.

Templer - My perl-based static-site generator.

This was recently updated to add two new plugins to the core:

  • A redis plugin to allow you to set variables to values retrieved from redis.
  • An RSS plugin to allow you to inline (remote) RSS feeds into your static HTML. Useful for building news-pages, etc.

Although there are a million static-site generators I still think mine has value, and I am consistently using it.

Months ago when I said "I'm writing a mail-client", all I need to do is handle three cases:

  • Display a list of folders.
  • Display index of messages.
  • Display a single message.

Then some new things like "Compose", "Reply", "Forward", I remember somebody commented along the lines of "Yeah, but MIME will make you hate your life" I laughed. Now I know better. Still it works, it works well, and I'm glad I did it.



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[gravitar] Charles Darke

Submitted at 20:11:47 on 18 january 2014

I'd be interested to hear what MIME issues you encountered. A few times, I also toyed with writing my own MUA, but I always thought it was too much work...

[author] Steve Kemp

Submitted at 20:23:40 on 18 january 2014

It is hard to be too specific because my memory is hazy, but I can point to an assortment of bugs/issues:

Mostly though it is things like "multipart/alternative" messages having only a single part, and other such mislabelling.


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