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So people spend a fortune on office chairs?

12 September 2010 21:50

I've heard, over the years, of people spending insane amounts of money on office chairs.

On the one hand I accept that you spend a lot of time sitting in chairs when you're working upon a computer. On the left I find the idea of spending £750+ on a chair a little insane.

For the past few years I've had a kneeling chair over time this has gotten pretty "squished" and "flat". (Specifically the part where my knees go.)

So I decided to get a new chair. What did I buy? a large rubber ball!

It's a little weird to walk into the room and see this green ball in front of the keyboard, but it's actually pretty great to sit on.

I'm gonna ignore all claims of "excercise" and "healthyness". Sure I find myself shifting around slightly to retain balance, but I'm not at all convinced that such small movements, even over the course of many days, will make any appreciable different to my muscles.

Anyway .. That is all I have to say today.

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