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He said he'd think about it.

28 December 2008 21:50

Back a while I created an updated mutt package which builds upon the previous work with mutt-ng.

The package which I had constructed had two new features, well if you're generous. I guess there was only technically one new feature:

  • The ability to cause the sidebar to only display folders with new mail in them.
  • + Updated navigation to make next/prev work correctly with only new mail-containing folders.

I still hate quilt with a passion, but I've synced my patches with the current unstable Mutt - and there are now source & binary packages (x86 + amd64) in my apt-get repository for Etch. I can rebuild for Lenny if there is any interest. But it might take me a while to setup lenny chroots.

As a graphical example this is what you will end up with:

OK I've tweaked the settings a little, but only a little:

# set up the sidebar, default to being visible
set sidebar_width=45
set sidebar_visible=yes
set sidebar_delim='|'
color sidebar_new red default

# ctrl-n, ctrl-p to select next, prev folder
# ctrl-o to open selected folder
bind index \CJ sidebar-scroll-down
bind index \CK sidebar-scroll-up
bind index \CP sidebar-prev
bind index \CN sidebar-next
bind pager \CO sidebar-open
bind index \CO sidebar-open

# Remap bounce-message function to "B"
bind index B bounce-message

#  Toggle visability of the sidebar.
macro index b '<enter-command>toggle sidebar_visible<enter><refresh>'
macro pager b '<enter-command>toggle sidebar_visible<enter><redraw-screen>'

#  Show folders with new mail only
macro index E '<enter-command>toggle sidebar_newmail_only<enter>'
macro pager E '<enter-command>toggle sidebar_newmail_only<enter>'

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That's really one of the saddest things I've ever heard.

8 June 2009 21:50

Today I updated the package of mutt which is stored upon my apt-get repository - the Lenny repository now contains an updated copy of mutt & mutt-ng.

This package is synced from sid and contains the addition of a small patch to update the sidebar handling so that it is possible to show only folders with new mail (Before/After)

I've talked about this patch before, and the mutt sidebar generally, so I'll not repeat myself.

Instead I will share this simple mutt tip:

#  Specify which mails to show when changing folder:
folder-hook . push '<limit>((~N|~O)!~D)|(~d<1d!~Q)<enter>'

What does this do? When changing folder it limits the display of messages to those which match either pattern:


That is "New" or "Old" messages which haven't been deleted.


Messages received in the past day which haven't been replied to.

(The first pattern could be simplified but I like to be explicit and match "N"ew and "O"ld messages directly.)

I also have the following macros setup so I can type ".a" to view all messages in the current folder, ".t" to view only messages received today, ".n" to view only new messages, and ".y" to view all messages received yesterday:

macro index .n "l~N\n"
macro index .a "l~A\n"
macro index .t "l~d<1d\n"
macro index .y "l~d<2d ~d>1d\n"

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