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That wasn't true. Made it up. Shouldn't have done that. Sorry.

18 April 2008 21:50


My blog compiler received a bit of love recently, primarily because MJ Ray wanted to use it.

As mentioned before I've added a simple spooling system, and the mercurial repository now contains a simple RSS importer.

Debian Work

In other news I've been working on various Debian packages, here is a brief summery:


After seeing a RFH bug I closed a few bash-completion bugs, and submitted patches for a couple more.

I was intending to do more, but I'm still waiting for the package code to be uploaded to the the alioth project.

javascript work

I've updated the jquery package I uploaded to follow the new "Javascript standard" - in quotes only because it is both minimal and new.

Once the alioth project has been configured I'll upload my sources.


I've agreed to work on a couple of SSL-related bugs in the Apache 2.x package(s) - time disappeared but I hope to get that done this weekend.

Initially that was because I was hoping I could trade a little love for getting a minor patch applied to mod_vhost_alias - instead I've now copied that module into libapache2-mod-vhost-bytemark and we'll maintain our own external module.


I've been loaned a Nokia 770 which is very nice. Having used it with vim, ssh & etc I think that I'd rather have a device with a real keyboard.

The Nokia 810 looks pretty ideal for me. I'm going to be asking around to see if I can get a donated/loaned device to play with for a while before I take the plunge and pay for one of my own.

I've got a couple more things on the go at the moment, but mostly being outdoors is more interesting to me than the alternative. Hence the downturn in writing and releasing security advisories.

I'll pick things up more fully over the coming weeks I'm sure.

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