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Templer rocks.

1 March 2013 21:50

For the past few days I've been making minor changes to my static-site generator, templer (source on github). The recent changes have all had one aim, which was to allow me to rebuild my main site.

Now I've finished http://www.steve.org.uk is up to date, and the source code to the website is stored in a mercurial repository.

No real functional changes have been made, but I've rationolized several ad-hoc bits of the site, marked areas are depreciated/unsupported where appropriate, and removed a few things that were completely broken.

I almost removed the software for Microsoft Windows, but didn't. By a strange coincidence I was recognized as the author of a windows utility back in 2004 - almost ten years ago now - on Hacker News. Guess I made the right choice.

I'm going to spend a while working on my slaughter documentation in the next week or two, although "the definitive guide" is a great starting point.

"Yes, this is dog" - Landscape in The Mist (1984).



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icon rjc at 22:18 on 1 March 2013

Hi Steve,

I've notised that your blog is not aggregated on Planet Debian any more. Is that deliberate or side effect of the rebuild?



icon Steve Kemp at 23:02 on 1 March 2013

Seems to be unrelated - if you look at the list of contributors at the side of the Planet Debian I'm still included.

I see zero-hits in my server access log for Planet Debian (Just planet hants-lug, and planet-sysadmin).

I'm not sure if that means that my site is refusing their requests, or they're not making any - I guess the latter, but .. this blog is on a separate sub-domain to my main site and hasn't been deliberately changed.