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Monday, 13 October 2008


Any blog post, comment thread, question, or email which starts "Hi guys" is bad, wrong, and probably not worth reading.

ObTitle: Dawn of the dead - the original and best version - 1978



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[gravitar] Zoran Rilak

Submitted at 19:44:48 on 13 october 2008

Hi guys,
Steve Kemp write the most profound observations.
[gravitar] Chris Searle

Submitted at 20:54:02 on 13 october 2008

I was tempted to do the same but got beaten to it :)
I also wonder what Steve read that prompted this :)
[gravitar] Reine Dedeurwaerder

Submitted at 00:13:34 on 14 october 2008

Hi girls!, (didn't think about it, hey!!!), anyway, nice bloke the Steve!. Reine, from F.....g France.
[gravitar] Matt Simmons

Submitted at 01:53:11 on 14 october 2008

Dangit Steve, you made me paranoid, and I had to go back and check to see if I'd done that


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