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Tonight we murder

1 February 2006 21:50


Today I uploaded a new revision of Apachetop, fixing several bugs reported by Sven Koch. It is always a pleasant suprise to me when people will file bugs along with a patch.

I guess I shouldn't be so suprised as this is the very reason that open source works, and works so well. I think it is fair to say that Debian has a reasonably technical target audience which probably helps with the submission of patches. (Although this may not actually be the case.)

In other news I updated my website, changing all occurences of the ficticious word 'publically' to the correct 'publicly'.


Yesterday whilst calling SCO to enquire about pricing for their software support I was asked by the receptionist for my number. Rather than giving the company number I gave her my home phone number. Ooops. Otherwise I'm starting to get the hang of being back at work :)


To support my upcoming "remote sysadmin" / "Debian Linux setup" services. I'm getting in touch with all the companies for whom I've done remote contract work, asking for permission to list their names as "previous happy clients/customers".

I'm sure that some will agree, some will pass it on to their legal department and decline, and yet more will wait to see who else I'm going to list. Fun stuff.

Cool Toys

The new release of OpenSSH allows you to create VPNs using tun devices. Cool.

That will be enormously useful. Once a package makes it into Sid I'll backport to Sarge so I can play with it.

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