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What we're dealing with here is a total lack of respect for the law

17 June 2006 21:50

Right it is 23:43 and I'm just back from a dodgy metal night - picture the winners of the Eurovision song contest but with a lesser budget.

Normally this would be described upon my real blog which contains adult language, and a mixture of random trivia, sadism, and geekyness in more detail than is displayed here. (You might think this is a hard mix, but I'll tell you it isn't suprising if you've ever programmed Gtk 2.x in raw C ;) )

Anyway the reason I went to the gig in the first place was that last year one of my partners was a bass-player, and she was often playing gigs in different locations. Unfortunately for the duration of our relationship I managed to never actually hear her play. Not deliberately - it was just the way things worked out. We kinda tailed off seeing each other because I was sleepy and she lived in a different city.

Actually this is a common theme with me. I once lived with a concert chello player and for the entire 2.5. years of our relationship I managed to never hear her play, or practise (and we lived together!). Again not deliberate, it was just the way things worked out. (Even now I don't think she's ever heard me play the guitar.) Later I had a relationship with a Swedish dentist and for the duration of our relationship I refused to let her look inside my mouth [mostly ;)]. It was only after we'd ceased being .. close .. that I let her extract some wisdom teeth of mine. Of course she was Swedish, living abroad, and all her friends were Swedish too - so I had a lot of Swedish "friends" around that time. Maybe one day I'll even meet a genuine blonde Swede. (I can say "hello", "goodbye", "I love you", "marry me", and "you're cute" in Swedish!)

(I'm not a slut; I just know what I like.)

Anyway .. enough side-tracking. The only reason this is coming up at all is because I think context is important when writing about people that aren't known - I hate seeing people in blogs write about "J", or "C", with no hint of the nature of the relationship, or why we should know/care about their actions - people are important, and if you're going to bring them up you should explain who they are, and why they are relavent. The fact that I've drunk 5 bottles of cider now is also helping extend this entry

If it helps I almost promise not to mention these people again.

So, to recap, I'm at this metal gig, and damn they were a fantastic band. Miranda (the woman I was "with", previosuly if not recently) was a total camera-slut, and she was technically extremely competant. I guess I shouldn't have been suprised but I was.

So, why do I mention any of this?

Well I was standing outside before the band started as it is illegal to smoke in public enclosed places in Scotland (since Marche this year) and this obviously rules out smoking in a pub in the basement bar. (The bar was unstaffed since the bands playing tonight were "too loud". Sucky having to walk upstairs to find beer.)

So .. stood outside, totally under-dressed for the occasion. Almost everybody else in the (very sweaty) basement bar was dressed in monochrome and I had shiny white shoes and colourful t-shirt. Still I was one of the tattoo'd + pierced people so all was good.

"Excuse me, you look like Steve Kemp".

For the first time ever somebody recognised me from my planet debian hackergotchie. Neat huh?

And now it is 23:58 and I'm going to listen to some nice Rammstein and go sleep. Tomorrow I must do some Debian work, and tidy a friends flat - since they just moved out and want their deposit back.

In the future I will try to keep the entries here more on-topic, unless people actually care about this kind of entry …

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