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When the man comes around

6 February 2006 21:50


I spent the weekend finding discovering several new ways to hate SCO Unixware.

Almost everything on these systems is a symlink. Even such files as /etc/passwd:

$ ls -l /etc/passwd
lrwxrwxrwx   1 root     root          38 Jan 27 13:44 /etc/passwd ->

Needless to say if you manage to screw up these symbolic links then fixing it is painful.

(At one point I resorted to using tar to archive a working system's directories, then unpacking it over a broken installation.)

So a busy weekend full of being in the office.


In happier news I played around with webcam stuff, after somebody posted a nice guide to using Motion.

I now have a webcam upon my desk which records video when something moves in front of it, and otherwise does nothing.

A few test movies seem to work nicely (no audio) and I shared one with a friend - although no feedback yet. (I need to make sure the codec is playable upon Windows ..)

I also updated the polls upon the Debian Admin site, so they contain date information about when they were posted. Feel free to suggest a new poll topic!

The final thing I did over the weekend was put the finishing touches towards a new release of xen-tools. This contains a minor fix for networking under Xen 3.0.1.

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