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Saturday, 10 May 2008

There should be a website to coordinate cinema-dates.

I don't like going to the cinema alone and have, in the past, frequently missed viewing films rather than go alone.

This is a habit I'm growing out of, but I still think it is better to go with a friend or two.

In the near future I'm going to view the last Indianna Jones movie, and the Sex & The City film. I have partners for both of those.

But after that? There are a few films which I can't immediately think of who I'm going to lure away with me. I could either :

  • Go alone, regardless.
  • Randomly ask people to come

If there were a site that had list of upcoming films, and allowed you to express interest in going to see them that would be a fantastic idea. (Obviously location based).

I'd not even assume "dating", because I think in my life I've had a first-date at a cinema once. When I was about 14. Because it just doesn't work - you can't talk during, (and back then we couldn't go to the pub afterward to discuss the film. I think we did anyway ;)

For bonus points you could allow people to rate the films, or even each other. Hmm.

Somebody write it for me? I've got too much on my plate ..probably

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[gravitar] quitte

Submitted at 20:41:15 on 10 may 2008

Best dating idea ever. That's probably what facebook/myspace is for, but I'd prefer a service that has that single purpose, only.
[author] Steve

Submitted at 13:35:17 on 11 may 2008

That's the thing though - my idea is quite explicitly not a dating site.

I just want to randomly have more people to ask when there are films that I want to see - when I know existing friends aren't interested.

[gravitar] John

Submitted at 15:03:43 on 19 may 2008

Craigslist would be a good place for this, but it's not singularly *just* for movie meetups.


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