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You are the witness of change

29 December 2007 21:50

As I wrote yesterday I've recently ordered, and now received a new desktop machine. For completeness I've now finished juggling machines around and installed etch twice - so now I have two working desktop machines:

gold.my.flat (unstable)

This is my personal machine, fitted with 4Gb of RAM.

It is currently running 6 xen instances of 256Mb each leaving me with more meory free than I have ever had upon my desktop machine - so the upgrade was definitely worthwhile!.

(The previous machine had bad sockets and couldn't take more than 1Gb of RAM - hence the replacement rather than mere upgrade.)

vain.my.flat (etch)

This, reinstalled, machine is now running only backuppc and those programs that Meg/random guests wish to run.

In terms of networking I've now split things up into three well-defined ranges. Knowing how things develop I'll not expect this to contining, but right now I'm pleased with:

    • These two desktops, a printer, and any wired laptops that are turned on.
    • Xen guests
    • Wireless DHCP range.

All in all I'm very happy with the work of the day even if I did have to rsync stuff all over the place, juggle power cables and install Etch upon both the new machine, and the re-purposed backup machine. (Since that was previously my mahcine and was running sid.)

The following links were helpful.

All being well tomorrow will be spent tidying the flat, drinking with my erstwhile cat-sitter, and getting ready for work on Monday.



Comments on this entry

icon Matt Palmer at 22:45 on 29 December 2007
It would appear that reading another link or two would have been helpful in your travels -- something along the lines of "subnets for dummies", or at least "CIDR notation for beginners". That first network spec encroaches on a large chunk of publically allocated space, and the second and third are actually the same.
icon David Ulevitch at 22:55 on 29 December 2007
icon Steve Kemp at 22:57 on 29 December 2007

How embarrassing!

I guess I should have been more careful when writing this entry. If I'm in a hurry I often use the "bits" not "32-bits" - since that makes more sense to me - but I've updated the post now to be correct.

icon David Ulevitch at 23:56 on 29 December 2007
At least you have a bunch of people who religiously read your blog looking for typos. :-) Happy New Year!
icon Steve Kemp at 10:03 on 3 January 2008

David I think that only works if I keep the mistakes relatively infrequent...

icon Alex Howells at 19:50 on 5 January 2008
Some people are *so* grumpy about reporting typos though! :P You have some relatively famous people reading your blog too, if David Ulevitch is the one of OpenDNS fame ;)