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13 March 2010 21:50

Lenny Backports

After a couple of days I've spotted a few things that don't work so well on Lenny:


gtk-gnutella is a client for a peer-to-peer filesharing system. Unfortunately the version of the client in Lenny dies on startup "This version is too old to connect".


The graphics program, The Gimp, doesn't show a live preview when carrying out things such as colour desaturation.

Although not an insurmountable problem it is moderately annoying if you do such things often.

So I've placed backported packages online.

I expected to have to backport KVM, and I guess I realised I needed a new kernel to match too. So they're available in the kvm-hosting repository; take the kernel with "birthday" in its name - the other is more minimal and has no USB support, etc.

blog spam

Since I last reset the statistics the blog spam detector has reported, rejected, and refused just over half a million bogus comments.

It can and should do better.

I've been planning on overhauling this for some time; even to the extent of wondering if I can move the XML::RPC service into a C daemon with embedded lua/perl to do the actual analysis.

(Right now the whole service is Perl, but I'm a little suspicious of the XML::RPC library - my daemon dies at times and I don't understand why.)

I'd say "test suggestions welcome", but then I'd have to explain what is already done. If you're curious take a look at the code...

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icon Luca Bruno at 16:40 on 13 March 2010

Thanks for taking care of gtk-gnutella. Your backported version will expire soon too. I'm right now working to upload a newer one to sid, could you take care of backporting this too in a bunch of days? Any hints I can take to ease your work while finalizing it, as I'm not really used to backports?

icon Steve Kemp at 16:51 on 13 March 2010

Hey no problem, I just made it because I wanted it for myself. If you upload a new one to Sid I'll notice and update my backport accordingly - I tend to check the packages every week or two just to be sure I'm not lagging too far behind.

No need to make any special effort/concession for me though; backporting is largely automatic :)

icon someone at 10:28 on 14 March 2010

Please contribute your backports to backports.org!

Probably gtk-gnutella should be removed from lenny?

icon Andres Salomon at 17:11 on 14 March 2010

Hm, why not upload to backports.org? That would probably be more helpful to a number of users.

icon Steve Kemp at 19:07 on 14 March 2010

I've always viewed backports.org as somewhere the maintainer of a package should upload, not a random user. After all bugs will be specific to the appropriate package, right?

But gtk-gnutella should probably be removed from Lenny, and not enter stable. (Probably true for other peer-to-peer applications too.)