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Monday, 29 September 2008

According to my small business advisor it is possible to advertise your company, service, or product on the internet.

Who knows what gem of advice they'll offer next?

In unrelated news all mail delivered to me personally in HTML-only format(s) will be dropped. I've given up being patient.

Finally OpenID - what a pain it is to implement! I've fought with it over the weekend, in amongst rewiring my lighting. Setting up a Perl script to authenticate to an OpenID server is just gnarly. (I now have motion-sensitive lighting in my bathroom, which my kitten loves, and radio controlled lighting in the bedroom. Lazyness is ..)

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[gravitar] Alex

Submitted at 20:34:25 on 3 october 2008

Whoa someone wrote that in a disjointed fashion.
I had to triple-check your post to ensure that you weren't requiring OpenID authentication in order to trigger your motion-sensitive lighting..............
Hah :)


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