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Customized feed aggregators

10 April 2005 21:50


Joey Hess wrote that he'd installed a feed aggregator earlier today, and I've seen a bunch of people running their own planet installations hitting some of my sites.

I wonder if there's any point in creating a customizable feed site?

It seems to me that you could easily create a login-based system where people could add and remove feeds to their own pages, kinda like livejournal but with feeds instead of friends.

There are things like bloglines which show you headlines, but I think they don't show the entries - maybe that's not true and dependent on the feeds which people are using?

Interestingly livefeeds.org is free, and leads to my.livefeeds.org nicely.

A few months back I even setup a simple prototype, but I didn't get much past the login + feed subscription pages, guess it was a case of enthusiasm outweighing need. Somebody else is welcome to the idea though :)

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