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Sunday, 10 August 2008

Well a semi-productive week during which I submitted another patch to GNU Screen - this is a trivial one, and the bug itself probably doesn't require an "important" severity.

However I'm a little disappointed to see that a bug which I submitted late last year in the exaile package (#451303) is still not fixed - and worse still we're going to be stuck with it in Lenny.

Still who knows, the recent activity suggests there might be a fix. But with the words "DNS cache poisoning" still ringing in our ears packages which automatically download and execute code from remote HTTP servers should ring alarm bells. Loudly.

(Don't forget has already been hacked once.)

Next week I'll try to fix a couple of bugs. Publicly. Again. Unless that is dull to watch, or I find my time eaten by a .. grue.

ObFilm: The Princess Bride



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[gravitar] Mark Brown

Submitted at 20:08:51 on 10 august 2008

Given that the bug you filed is a grave one I imagine that exaile won't get released with lenny unless it's fixed so at least that shouldn't be an issue...
[gravitar] Tiago Faria

Submitted at 20:47:10 on 10 august 2008

When will you start using Steve? I would enjoy reading your micro-posts.
[author] Steve Kemp

Submitted at 12:16:25 on 11 august 2008

I don't think I'll ever move to using a service such as - there is just no room for a status update and a song lyric, or film quote!

I guess you're right Mark - I guess I was too busy thinking "Hmm grave bug, the package shouldn't migrate to testing".


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