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Father... father, the sleeper has awakened!

10 September 2008 21:50

To solve performance problems I've now started to switch my SMTP servers from using the "forkserver" version of qpsmtpd to using the "prefork" version.

Under testing qpsmtpd-prefork performed significantly better than the qpsmtpd-forkserver for handling incoming SMTP connections.

The loadavg of one machine has dropped from a constant 2.xx to 0.4x!

I'd love to see what the asynchronous server would behave like, but that would require re-writing all my plugins to work in an asynchronous manner which would be a significant undertaking.

(It would be nice if the qpsmtpd package available to Debian would allow you to choose between the two version of the server - I will file a wishlist bug.)

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