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I grew heavy, and my sight grew dim

14 June 2006 21:50

Due to constant frustration that two unrelated projects were sharing the same domain name for mailing lists I finally bit the bullet and looked into what was required to setup a simple mailing list manager with easy virtual domain support. (ie. not mailman. which I am coming to loathe.)

"Enemies of Carlotta" looked the simplest, but documentation was scant and I had trouble making it work.

Instead I'm now using ecartis combined with an installation of hypermail to make archives.

The upshot of this is that the xen-tools-commits mailing list has now moved from shellcode.org over to lists.cvsrepository.org.

I've also created a xen-tools mailing list for users/questions/bugreports.

I'm still limping towards a new release with the pretty new webpages, but a bit more work to do. Although people who wish to live dangerously have the CVS repository to play with.

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