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Saturday, 2 September 2006

The upload of the perl Net::HTTPServer module was rejected for the second time, with the same explaination as before.

I still maintain that the copyright file I included with the package was correct and have asked for clarification.

In happier news a new release of xen-shell has been made, and a new release of GNUMP3d is pending.

The release of GNUMP3d was intended to be my final one in charge of the project – however recent discussion upon the mailing list seems to indicate that people no longer object to using a database-backend. Provided it is SQLite. So that means I’m actually keen to proceed with a redesign with common Perl modules instead of my four year old perl badness.

We’ll see how that works out.

Tonight I’m going to go drinking, since I need a bit of company. I was going to do that yesterday evening but I had a bad razor-related accident. I figured that leaving the house with a headwound gushing blood probably wasn’t the best thing to do ..

Still I seem to have mostly healed overnight, and another scar or two on my head won’t do me any harm.

I notice with amusement that I appear to have reached top spot in google searches for many, but not all, of the lyrics I’ve used in my blog titles … I guess Planet Debian, Planet HantsLug and others are giving inflated link counts…

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