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Settlers of Catan

8 September 2005 21:50

GNOCatan Renamed?

The settlers of Catan game, gnocatan, appears to have been renamed to "pioneers".

The new version looks almost identical to the old, but is significantly slower to play.

There are also some annoying bugs - like the "Roll Dice" being unclickable if your turn begins whilst the mouse pointer is already hovered over the button. (You must move the mouse away, then back again to click it. Ugh).

I'm disappointed, but hopefully things will improve. I love the game, and have a couple of the board games - including the Zarahemla branded version which is a nice game for a pair of players.

(I've seen a million variants of the boardgame, but I mostly play either the official game, or Seafarers. The spacefarers game I've seen and admired but never really enjoyed).

Update: Bug filed, seems to be just me that is seeing this so far…

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