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Sunday, 25 July 2010

Not for the first time I find my blog content copied and hosted elsewhere. This time via

Mostly I care little if people rehost my content. But when people claim to have written it (e.g. "Posted by Admin") I get annoyed.

No explicit contact details are posted, probably to avoid complaints.

Update: Fixed URL. Stupid



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[gravitar] Julian Andres Klode

Submitted at 21:49:28 on 25 july 2010

They even copied this post

[gravitar] Alexander Shishkin

Submitted at 22:37:00 on 25 july 2010

Some weird rss aggregator, perhaps?

[gravitar] Wouter Verhelst

Submitted at 22:37:31 on 25 july 2010

You might want to add the URL to your real blog, so people reading that stupid website know where the real source is...

[gravitar] Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer

Submitted at 01:59:27 on 26 july 2010

Maybe the languague is making a barrier for me to understand, but I think has the contact details.

[gravitar] Lucian

Submitted at 05:55:07 on 26 july 2010

I think he's merely using RSS to concentrate Steve's blog (and other sites as well), sort of like a "planet".

Steve, you could temporarily post something really outrageous, wait for him to pick it up and then delete your post and have him reported to the police lol.

[gravitar] Tzafrir Cohen

Submitted at 16:04:08 on 26 july 2010

Looks like your post (and also the post of someone else, who bothered linking to himself in the end of the post) had some sort of useful effect. Posts now have references to the original sites.

Not links. No specific referce to the original entry. But at least it would give you some clue as to the origin.


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