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As I move on through the year

19 October 2007 21:50

Bits from the Security Team

  • We get tons of spam. If your issue isn't replied to at least once wait a day and resend.
  • Frequently advisories are delayed because our buildd machines are broken. We can't fix them.
  • People reporting bugs with the 'security' tag help us.
  • People reporting bugs with patches help us more.
  • People reporting bugs with patches and pointers to fixed packages they have build help us best.
  • I like pies.

I am happy to look over patches, built packages, and generally encourage people to be involved. Our team isn't huge but historically we've only added people who've done a fair bit of work first. That is both good and bad.

I could write more, and probably should, but I'll stop there for now because I'm frustrated by the HPPA build machine. Again.

ObRelated: Moritz is trying to get the archive rebuilt with security features from our compilers (eg. -fstack-protector) included. This would be a fantastic achievement. People interested in tested kernel patches, donating buildd machines, etc, etc should give him a ping.

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