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You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike

19 August 2010 21:50

Debian package building scripts consist of several inter-related tools, which are documented well with manpages, but not in the code itself.

Should you have some free time I urge you to take a peak at the source code of dpkg-buildpackage, debsign, and debuild. They work. They work well, but they're not shining examples of clear code are they?

Given that they work, and that they are complex I'm not sure I'm interested in improving things, but I do have a personal desire to run something like:

debuild -sa --output=/tmp/results/

What would that do? Instead of placing the resulting package in the parent directory, which is what we have by default, it would place them in the named directory.

However looking over the code I see that there are too many places where "../$file" is hardwired. e.g. Take a look at dpkg-buildpackage and you see:

my $chg = "../$pva.changes";
open OUT, '>', $chg or syserr(_g('write changes file'));

If you change that to the simple code below it works - but suddenly debsign fails to find the file:

my $dir = $ENV{'OUTPUT'} || "..";
my $chg = $dir . "/" . $pva . ".changes";


I guess I can come up with some hack to index files in the parent, run a build process, and move the only new files into place. But that's sleazy at best, and still doesn't solve the problem that we have tools which we rely upon which are .. unfriendly to changes.

I thought I could handle this via:

debuild \
 --post-dpkg-buildpackage-hook="move-changes-contents /tmp/output/ ../%p_%v_`dpkg-architecture -qDEB_HOST_ARCH`.changes" \
 --no-tgz-check -sa -us -uc

(Here "move-changes-contents" would read the given .changes file and move both it and the contents listed in it to the specified directory.)

Unfortunately %v corresponds to the package version - which isn't the same as the version in the .changes filename. (i.e. epochs are stripped out.)

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Comments on this entry

icon gregoa at 23:27 on 19 August 2010

debuild also knows about %s for the source package version (i.e. without the epoch) since 2.10.62 (cf. #573092)

icon Brian May at 01:07 on 20 August 2010

I would like to be able to build a package with all output files going into a directory that I specify - using .. makes it difficult to produce multiple versions of the package (e.g. for testing) without files clashing. Say I want to build the package for lenny and sid, for testing, without changing the version.

I think the big issue in solving this properly is that it is going to require updating debian/rules binary-* targets for every package (or maybe just updating debhelper would suffice for some packages?)

Would really like to see this "move-changes-contents" command, I often have a need for that.

icon James Vega at 02:58 on 20 August 2010

"move-changes-contents" could likely be easily implemented using dcmd.

icon Steve Kemp at 07:36 on 20 August 2010

Gregoa that's useful to know, thanks!

Brian - Look here. The code is very hacky as it was written for a simple task last night.

dcmd was new to me, thanks James.