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A plea for books ..

3 May 2022 20:00

Recently I've been getting much more interested in the "retro" computers of my youth, partly because I've been writing crazy code in Z80 assembly-language, and partly because I've been preparing to introduce our child to his first computer:

  • An actual 1982 ZX Spectrum, cassette deck and all.
    • No internet
    • No hi-rez graphics
    • Easily available BASIC
    • And as a nice bonus the keyboard is wipe-clean!

I've got a few books, books I've hoarded for 30+ years, but I'd love to collect some more. So here's my request:

  • If you have any books covering either the Z80 processor, or the ZX Spectrum, please consider dropping me an email.

I'd be happy to pay €5-10 each for any book I don't yet own, and I'd also be more than happy to cover the cost of postage to Finland.

I'd be particularly pleased to see anything from Melbourne House, and while low-level is best, the coding-books from Usbourne (The Mystery Of Silver Mountain, etc, etc) wouldn't go amiss either.

I suspect most people who have collected and kept these wouldn't want to part with them, but just in case ..



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icon Legooolas at 16:17 on 5 May 2022

The Usborne books are available as PDFs from their website, so you could print them if you can't get them any other way :


Some of them can be quite expensive when they turn up on sites like eBay, especially the "Write Your Own Fantasy Games" one.

icon David the Dinosaur Wrangler at 02:53 on 8 May 2022

Some I like:

101 Basic Computer Games - https://archive.org/details/bitsavers_decBooks10Mar75_26006648

BASIC Computer Games by David Ahl (1978, 1973) https://www.digibarn.com/collections/books/basicgames/ https://www.amazon.com/BASIC-Computer-Games-Microcomputer-David/dp/0894800523

icon Steve Kemp at 09:34 on 8 May 2022

Thanks for the comments - I've grabbed a bunch of books online, but really I am looking for physical books.

(Primarily because that's easier for the child to deal with, but also partly for my own preference.)