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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Last night I was looking for an image I knew a model had mailed me a few months ago, as we were talking about rescheduling a shoot at the weekend. I couldn't find it, even with my awesome mail client and filing system.

With some free time I figured I could write a little utility to dump all attachments from email folders, and find it that way.

It did cross my mind that there is the simple mail-utility for dumping headers, etc, called formail, which is distributed alongside procmail, but it doesn't handle attachments ..

I was tempted to write a general purpose script to dump attachments, email header values, etc, etc but given the lack of time I merely solved my own problem.

I suspect there is room for a "mail utilities" package, similar to Joey's "moreutils" and my "sysadmin utils". However I note that there is a GNU Mailutils which does things differently than I'd expect - i.e. it contains a POP3 server.

Still if you want to dump attachments from emails, have GMIME installed, and want to filter by attachment-name, or MIME-type, you might look at my trivial attachment-dump program.

Related to that I spent some time last night updating my photography site, so the animals & pets section has updated images at least.

During the course of that I found a bug in my static-site generator, templer which stopped it from automatically populating image height/widths when called in a glob:

Title: Pets & Animals
Images: file_glob( "*.jpg" )

This is the page body, it now has access to a variable called 'images'
which is a HTML::Template loop-structure containing name/height/width/etc
for each image in the current directory.

That should now be resolved, and life should once again be good.



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[gravitar] Martijn Grendelman

Submitted at 07:50:37 on 11 september 2014

Would 'munpack' from the mpack package not do what you want?


I use it for archiving attachments of incoming mails.

[author] Steve Kemp

Submitted at 07:53:05 on 11 september 2014

It may well do, but I didn't know it existed.

I did run a few "apt-cache search .." to look for something that would do the job, but didn't find anything obvious.


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