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Accidental data-store .. is go!

19 May 2016 21:50

A couple of days ago I wrote::

The code is perl-based, because Perl is good, and available here on github:


TODO: Rewrite the thing in #golang to be cool.

I might not be cool, but I did indeed rewrite it in golang. It was quite simple, and a simple benchmark of uploading two million files, balanced across 4 nodes worked perfectly.




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icon natxo at 19:51 on 19 May 2016


did you remove the perl code? Is the go code faster/robuster?

Just curious, no particular reason.

icon Steve Kemp at 03:06 on 20 May 2016

Yes there seemed little point in keeping both codebases alive in parallel. (Although I guess it might have allowed interesting testing in isolation.)

The golang code is smaller, neater, easier to deploy, as well as faster.