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Advogato + Syndication

30 October 2005 21:50


Randomly clicking around Advogato today I accidently tried to login.

Rather than seeing "Person not Found" which is all I've seen since my account(s) were removed I now get "incorrect password".

It looks like my primary, and replacement accounts at Advogato are back.

At the time those accounts were removed I setup this blog so that I could still remain syndicated upon Planet Debian.

It would be nice to have the Advogato account(s) back, but I could live without them. (Indeed mailing Raph at his acm.org address bounced so I may will have to)


For my own notes. This blog appears at:


Of course my daily life goes entirely elsewhere - but that contains rudeness, angst, & etc. As you would expect from LiveJournal ;)

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