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Another sign off

17 June 2005 21:50

Signed Off

Signed off work for the next two months.

Sleep study booked for October, which means I'll need another month off - unless it's brought forward via a cancelation, or I spontaneously get well.

There seems to be some confusion over when I was initially signed off, the beginning of March or the end of March. I was asked by my employers to check with the doctor. She told me the end only both my work and me have the suspision that this is wrong. I guess it's entirely possible that she misread the notes…

(I believe I was off before then based soley on my memory that I was not at work on my birthday - 10th of March. Since then I've found emails which are strongly indicative of this being the case.)

So now my work have asked my doctors to supply the date in writing… Since this makes things official I am waiting until my employers give me this request in writing.

I don't want to be obstructive because the company has been very supportive, and my absense is putting them in a hard place - but if we're getting into legal/insurance/official investigation territory I don't want to do anything without it being in writing.


bored now.

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