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The CP/M emulator is good enough, I think.

9 July 2024 20:00

My previous post mentioned that I'd added some custom syscalls to my CP/M emulator and that lead to some more updates, embedding a bunch of binaries within the emulator so that the settings can be tweaked at run-time, for example running:

!CCP ccpz
!CONSOLE adm-3a

Those embedded binaries show up on A: even if they're not in the pwd when you launch the emulator.

Other than the custom syscalls I've updated the real BDOS/BIOS syscalls a bit more, so that now I can run things like the Small C compiler, BBC BASIC, and more. (BBCBasic.com used to launch just fine, but it turned out that the SAVE/LOAD functions didn't work. Ooops!)

I think I've now reached a point where all the binaries I care about run, and barring issues I will slow down/stop development. I can run Turbo Pascal, WordStar, various BASIC interpreters, and I have a significantly improved understanding of how CP/M works - a key milestone in that understanding was getting SUBMIT.COM to execute, and understanding the split between the BDOS and the BIOS.

I'd kinda like to port CP/M to a new (Z80-based) system - but I don't have such a thing to hand, and I guess there's no real need for it. Perhaps I can say I'm "done" with retro stuff, and go back to playing Super Mario Bros (1985) with my boy!

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