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22 October 2005 21:50

The time is 18:43 and I'm going to bed.

If anybody wishes to make my day they could point to a good set of documentation on the setup and running of a buildd.

Lots of people apparently manage it successfully (Experimental, AMD64, etc) however I'm finding it:

  • Confusing
  • Difficult to visualise.
  • Painful.

The CSS-ification is going well. And all being well tomorrow I'll have blacklisting support for the Planet Debian Searching. If people wish to opt-out of the indexing then that will become trivial.

I still believe that I am correct in believing that content carried upon Planet Debian is liable to be mirrored, but I'm not going to argue.

(Sure an individual server hosting a blog might have a /robots.txt forbidding it - but planet.debian.org doesn't - so it will likely be crawled, archived, whatever.)


Night night, world.

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